After KEITWOOPS team achieve to evaluate details about the models, about possible order profile and some data of the supply process we may provide information about minimum order quantities (MOQ) or any partial minimum quantity – per sizes and/or colours/colourways under specific consult process.
Generally speaking new KEITWOOPS’ customers does not often deal with significant problems on minimum quantities when combed cotton based socks or tights are the targeted products. Considering the high flexibility we may always reach on this type of goods also provided by its wide range of colours options always available (please also see "Materials" chapter on “Our Products” menu) easiness about MOQs use to happen for socks or even for tights with composition 85% cotton/ 13% PA/ 2% EA or 78% cotton/ 20% PA/ 2% EA.
For MQ issues it is up the most important to check and decide how many sizes and how many colours/colourways are involved in each model. The more are the sizes and the more are the colours, the higher model MOQ will have to be.
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