Being natural fibres cotton and wool materials are in fact the most appropriate and comfortable for human skin to be in direct contact with. Even when non-natural fibres are totally health safe comfort for feet and legs can never be the same as the one provided by pure cotton or virgin wool. Also normal perspiration behaviour or the appropriate conditions for the skin to breathe are much better achieved with natural materials, as well as less easy tiredness on feet and legs after long-term usage. Because at KEITWOOPS we indeed believe these issues are even more important for younger final users, acrylics, polyester and other similar synthetic materials are usually out of our available range.

On another hand considering whatever is the source of a wool fibre, and as much softened and well treated it is, it does not avoid to be a bit aggressive or less comfortable for kids and babies, cotton becomes clearly at the end as the king and the lord among our products, whether in its conventional combed option or the newest organic fibre option.

Because of our very large cotton colours options and the most usual markets, fashion and customer’s needs both compositions 85% cotton/ 13% PA/ 2% EA (for a thinner fabric) and 78% cotton/ 20% PA/ 2% EA (thicker fabric) make as a matter of fact more than 90% of the models we produce.
Every KEITWOOPS cotton yarn has pure virgin natural fibres, is long length combed and “low pilling”. We keep more than 450 cotton colours at our customers’ permanent disposal.
Mercerized cotton yarns can also be available although we do not keep stocks from these materials.

55% superwash virgin wool / 35% cotton / 12% PA / 3% elasthan - with wool only outside the fabric and cotton in the inside – is from far our best seller wool composition for the fact it brings a nice wide compromise of warmness, softness, fitting, comfort and also good price. However other wool compositions may be done under specific consultation.

Other compositions and yarn types may also be evaluated under a specific consult process. However quite big order volumes must be usually considered for this to happen, probably not under 5.000 pairs of tights or 10.000 pairs of socks.

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