If human skin could think no doubt it would only want natural materials to be in touch with!

We firmly believe that natural fibers are the most suitable to be in direct and long-term contact to human skin. This concern has probably to be highly considered when user is a baby or a kid. That is why we just use 100% safe elasthan/PA and we keep recommending the very minimum percentages of these non-natural yarns needed to provide enough elasticity, perfect body fit and maximum comfort, as well as easier garment care and higher life time as extra benefits.

Every KEITWOOPS’ cotton yarn is made from pure virgin natural fibers, long length combed and “low pilling”. We keep more than 450 organic and conventional cotton colours at our customers’ permanent disposal but the real range of colour options is quite close to infinity. Mercerized cotton yarns can also be available although we do not keep stocks of these materials, so MOQs may be much higher and deliveries may also be quite later.

Wool compositions can be a part of KEITWOOPS’ work as well. 55% superwash virgin wool / 35% cotton / 12% PA / 3% elasthan - with wool only outside the fabric and cotton in the inside - is from far our best seller wool composition as it brings a very nice compromise of warmness, softness, fitting, comfort and also price. However other wool compositions may be done under specific consultation. We may provide from about 50 different wool colours available at any moment with no MOQ special issue to be overtaken but also many other options for a certain different colour with minimum quantities and ETD to be analyzed.
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