Production order’s ETD (Estimated Time for Delivery) may vary a lot depending on the exact type of product, involved materials, concrete colours, requested timing during year, global quantities and per item. The quickest supplies combining the most available and easy conditions may result on orders or reorders provided in less than 2 weeks’ time. On the opposite KEITWOOPS’ most possible delayed supply that may occur when the worst conditions are all together can be like more than 3 months.
Most positive periods for quick supplies are from January to April, worst are on June and July. Socks are of course always potentially faster to be supplied than tights. Stock service materials and colours are much quicker to get into production process. (Please also see "Materials" chapter on Our Products menu).
The bigger is the number of different items involved in a certain order – models x sizes x colourways – the longer production lead time will be.
As even some other order data may occur to be significant KEITWOOPS never may give ETDs just like that but once evaluated the precise situation.

For samples, prototypes or small series prior to production order new model goods may be available from 2-3 working days to 3/4 weeks. Also depending on several model specifications and the amount of development works at the concrete time. (Please also see "Prototypes" and "Sales Samples" on Our Services menu)
If any special request is involved, like a new colour, a non stock servive available material or other special item longer delays above are certainly much more probable than the shorter ones.
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