Customers think quick is good but also know good is better.
We think we know they pretty much prefer good and quick.

Considering our products range, our customers’ profiles and our own flexibility policy, KEITWOOPS needs to manage a considerable number of processes and operational procedures for which highly trained workers, experienced supervising, clearly planned instructions and an intensive quality control upon our Social Responsibility Management System take part. This SR Management System is internally used to regulate several key issues, from Quality to Technology, Professional Training to Environment, from Commercial Management to Suppliers' relationships, and taken as well as for other relevant economical and social themes.

Quick is good but good is better. So we really do not try to make quick as good as can we can, but we always pursue excellence in products to supply them as quickly as we can achieve.

All KEITWOOPS’ operational procedures take place under the most natural and ecological basis, being REACH specifications compatible and able to guarantee highest standards for human health such as the “Oeko-tex" requirements for every material in our products.
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