Not obsessed with our products to be 100% healthful their last day, neither making them weak and unable for more than a short/medium life, we do plan carefully our goods to be ready for a great healthy life full of excitement and keeping all charm and nice looking until they do not fit young user anymore.

The main challenge KEITWOOPS permanently manages concerning product planning is providing the best possible quality and behavior for the life time that product is expected to achieve under the most positive conditions. Whether about washing shrinkage, pilling, fabric resistance, colours solidity, dimensional stability or easy care we indeed believe we may supply the most suitable and nice quality required when you are dealing with such young users and their exigent adult relatives.

KEITWOOPS permanently tests dyeing processes and colours performances at several specifications, but even more often on colour fastness to washing, to perspiration and to friction, being able to provide minimum ISO levels of 4 to 4-5.

Every sock and every tight is made stronger at heels and toes so that abrasion resistance of fabric is higher in the garment areas where friction is harder during usage and may easily risk product life when intensively worn.

All industrial operations and procedures are carried out in KEITWOOPS under a severe quality control policy made possible not only by high technical machinery but also from hard human inspection actions focused on the products and the processes conformities.
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