We may produce a wide universe of medium thickness junior hosiery, whether more Winter or more Summer friendly:

Ѻ All kinds of baby socks from new born size
Ѻ All kinds of baby tights/panties/stockings from new born size
Ѻ All kinds of kid socks
Ѻ All kinds of kid/girl tights/panties up to 10-12 years old
Ѻ All kinds of teenager socks till European (Continental) shoe size 42
Ѻ All kinds of leggings, legwarmers and knitted sleeves any size

>> Organic cotton or conventional cotton

۞ 85% Cotton; 13% Polyamide; 2% Lycra
۞ 78% Cotton; 20% Polyamide; 2% Lycra
۞ 94% Cotton; 5% Polyamide; 1% Lycra - terry items
۞ 80% Cotton; 20% Polyamide
۞ 100% Cotton - true ribbed items

For higher volumes orders (above +- 5.000 pairs of tights or 10.000 pairs of socks):
۞ 55% Wool; 35% Cotton; 12% Polyamide; 3% Lycra (wool outside / cotton inside of fabric)
۞ 61% Wool; 39% Cotton
۞ 100% mercerized cotton
۞ other compositions involving mercerized cotton
۞ other special compositions, containing cashmere, Angora, linen, bamboo, modal rayon, lyocell, etc..

 lurex metallic yarn effects
 chenille, bulky, jaspé or other specific yarns effects
 other fantasy effects due to yarn or after yarn
 3D knitted fabric

Ѳ laces, tracery, buttons, bows/loops, pompoms and other similar sewing
Ѳ embroideries and thermal transfer printing
Ѳ antislippery on the sole (ABS)
Ѳ strass, thermal crystals and other printing/stamping possibilities

ᴥ prewashing and anti shrinkage treatment
ᴥ softening treatment
ᴥ antibacterial treatment
ᴥ perfume treatment
ᴥ cosmetic, detox, dermatological and other specific treatments
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