As all customers are special we may specially assess a special request. And sometimes it is nothing special to be quite special.

In certain situations if it occurs our customer to consider the real need of special accordance evidences we may be requested to supply full size sets samples, heads of production or other similar special items. Because these procedures are expensive and have a significant impact on machinery, human resources and activity planning these possible requests must be submitted to KEITWOOPS evaluation with a fair amount of time in advance.

The same would occur if happens to be the case of getting a new colour or composition material when none of the several options always made available on the stock service basis cannot really be acceptable also having the need here to evaluate matters related with minimums and extra charges.

When it becomes more comfortable for our customer KEITWOOPS may also take under its responsibility the production of hangtags or other specific customized packing materials related with their product orders. Because we may have to use external suppliers for this aim only trustful printer companies able to keep confidential commitment are requested to supply these materials. However it is fully comfortable for us to use these materials directly sent by the customer.
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