We care about kid's or baby's smile before anything else.

KEITWOOPS first guides its work towards the final user to feel 100% well-being about the products we supply. Once user is happy, well this may be more than half way for our customer to be pretty much happy too. The “small rest” is just to provide a top level service for our customer to get fully glad. And when our customer is glad indeed, then our employees will surely be very glad also, we of course take care of our suppliers to really be pleased too, as well as other parts with who we interact. Only this way we may feel minimally happy in fact. This might seem mostly obvious and easy but many times it really is not. And however we do usually succeed.

From nowadays implemented company’s culture we are in fact most prepared to well serve different customer’s types and profiles in spite of being most aimed for medium/high and high ranges which are the market levels where the strong majority of our business has been developed.
Of course price will always be important and we know that very well for sure. That is fortunately why we often feel new contacts get quite surprised when they realize how much it may cost to have precisely what they really wish.

Several prestigious European brands and worldwide baby and kid wear companies from different dimensions are among KEITWOOPS’ every season customers.
They all have something in common - knowing what they want!
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