We may use a life of good experiences bringing no nice gifts to the world
but we also may use good experiences of life for the world to give us many nice gifts.

We permanently consider as highest principal of our role as an economic and social agent the society valuation, through the care we take of the people, the structures and the values from our "microcosm". For this to happen we start from this first mission of providing growing esthetical and functional value to junior hosiery, focusing ourselves on an intense communication towards all actors related with each of our commitments, promoting a close relation with the customer and the shopping act, and dedicating ourselves to steady upgrades on fields such as conceptual, technical and technological controls, always driven to our products' final user - the baby or the kid.

Keitwoops has determined with its workers the following Key Values for all activities orientation: Collective Interest, Excellence, Transparency, Loyalty and Urbanity, Zeal, Accuracy and Self-Critical Spirit. We deeply believe trustful relations under these values towards whether internal or external parts/stakeholders may provide the best results for all. On another hand we do think that by focusing our work attention into our products' final user and into assertive and transparent communication anytime towards suppliers, customers, own workers and remaining stakeholders is the best way to be able to reach and to share the benefits of our mission as an industrial company.
Social Responsibility takes so the main role among all our work. One of our continuous concerns is to allow proper working conditions to all those who get directly or indirectly related to our company’s activities. To ensure people's health, safety and comfort, environmental conservation, sustainability in its wide sense and relevant contributions to local, national and European communities are our responsibilities as a corporate cell, an employing entity, an industrial producer and an export company.
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