Our intention never was to sell fine resistant and comfortable junior hosiery. We have always wished and we do sell large smiles.

KEITWOOPS is a dynamic Portuguese hosiery company based on strong and wide technical skills in an industrial basis made its activity totally baby and kid oriented, focused on medium-high to high quality levels.
Knitted tights, stockings, leggings, legwarmers and all variety of socks for junior ranges are KEITWOOPS’ output products. Nevertheless a very significant level of service can be provided in accordance to customers’ wishes.

We are able to adapt logistical and/or commercial procedures to what is more convenient for the Private Label customer. Prototypes and samples, design proposals, technical suggestions or commercial and logistical related advices can be put at customers’ disposal all the time. High flexibility concerning size scales, collections dimensions and the amounts of orders per sizes and colours/colourways are found at KEITWOOPS everyday activity, and all most efficient remote ways of changing information, data, documents and images can be used side to side.

Although KEITWOOPS’ output products are junior hosiery garments our most important job is to keep the baby, the kid, the mom and the customer happy. Every day KEITWOOPS multi skilled and experienced team works hard towards these key purposes.
That is why we do not sell fine products. We do sell large smiles by offering a bit of our company and a lot of ourselves to you.
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